About Us

How We Got Started

My name is Mark, and my wife Becky and I have always loved animals from a very young age. We grew up with pets and believe they bring immense pleasure to any home. As children, between our families, we had a dog, rabbits, guinea pig, goldfish, budgie, cockatiel and hamsters. We were both very involved in walking, feeding and cleaning duties for all our pets.

Our Current Pets

Becky and I, with our two children, had a border collie called Sherbie who sadly passed away aged 14½ just over a year ago. We also had and 2 guinea pigs, Toffee & Treacle who lived to 8 years old.

We currently have 3 cats, Tink, Nibbles & Crumble, all re-homed; a crested gecko, Marty; a bearded dragon, Marvel; 2 Mississippi map turtles, Crush & Squirt (re-homed); a Cranwell’s horned frog, Yoda; 7 goldfish; a leopard gecko, Violet (re-homed); and a Royal python, Kite.

We have recently completed a dog first aid course which covered full body examination, CPR, bleeding, poisoning, shock, choking and more.

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