Reptile & Exotic Pet Care

Our reptile & exotic pet holiday home

Scales & Tails understands that not everyone has a friend or family member who is comfortable with looking after a reptile while you are away. We love reptiles!

We know how crucial their living conditions are to their wellbeing, from having the correct light, temperature and humidity. We know that feeding locust, mealworm, crickets and mice is not for everyone. We don’t mind if a lively locust is hopping around us.

Our current pets include a bearded dragon, crested gecko, leopard gecko, two Mississippi map turtles, Cranwell’s horned frog albino and a Royal python. All have different living environment needs and feeding, this personal experience helps us provide your reptile with the quality of care it needs.

We will make sure that your reptile is fed, has fresh water and that the humidity and temperature of the vivarium are the same as you provide. You can bring your reptile to stay in one of our vivarium’s or bring your own. We can collect your vivarium for a small fee to cover fuel.


Staying with us

£7 per day staying in one of our vivarium’s or you can bring your own/have it collected.

£40 per week

Staying at your home

£8 per visit

£50 per week

Get in touch with us to make your booking

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